HIMS Psychiatric Evaluation for the FAA


Pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers and flight crew need a specially trained psychiatrist to perform their evaluation and to provide treatment that meets the rigorous standards of the FAA. Dr. Goldenberg is double board-certified (general and addiction psychiatry) and is a HIMS trained Psychiatrist, who provides evaluations to the FAA. He is based in Santa Monica, CA (located in close proximity to LAX) and helps airmen and airwomen from around the country get the diagnosis, treatment and care that they need and deserve. Dr. Goldenberg has helped many patients in the aviation field return to work safely.



HIMS Psychiatric Evaluation Q & A

by Matthew Goldenberg, D.O.

Can You Perform My Psychiatric Evaluation for the FAA?

Yes, Dr. Goldenberg is experienced in performing both HIMS and general psychiatric evaluations for the FAA. Each evaluation is designed to answer a question or series of questions. The questions may include, "what is my mental health diagnosis" or "do I have an addiction?" Accordingly, the intensity and length of each evaluation are customized to be able to accurately answer the specific questions of each individual case.

What Does the Evaluation Consist of?

The HIMS and general psychiatric evaluations for the FAA include a 90-minute office visit, which includes a comprehensive psychiatric and substance use disorder evaluation. Dr. Goldenberg also reviews all documentation including the complete FAA file. Dr. Goldenberg will request your permission to speak with at least two people who can confirm the topics that are discussed in the office. Often this will be a family member/friend and/or a work colleague. A drug/alcohol test and blood work are ordered and reviewed. With all of this information in hand, Dr. Goldenberg then writes up a comprehensive report, which covers all of the topics, areas and questions required by the FAA.

How Can I Prepare for the Evaluation?

  1. Be Rested
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Get Exercise
  4. Continued engagement in treatment and supports
  5. Websites to practice cognitive tasks (Lumosity, Elevate, Happy Neuron etc.)


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