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Medication management is an effective and evidence-based tool that an addiction psychiatrist can employ to assist patients to improve their mental health, quality of life and to achieve their goals. Follow up appointments are used to make medication adjustments, start new medications, discontinue medications and do fine tuning. Dr. Matthew Goldenberg is a board-certified psychiatrist who helps Santa Monica, CA area patients get the psychiatry and addiction treatment and care that they need and deserve.



Follow Up Medication Management Q & A

by Matthew Goldenberg, D.O.

How Often Are Appointments?

Follow up appointments are centered around medication changes, so initially they are more frequent. Once Dr. Goldenberg’s patient is doing better and their symptoms stabilize, they will spread out the frequency of the appointments. Every patient has different needs, but initially, follow up appointments may be every two weeks or so. Then over time Dr. Goldenberg and his patient work to spread them out to every month, then every two months and finally to every three months when the patient is doing well and stable on medications.

How Long Are Appointments?

Follow up appointments last anywhere from about 15 to 25 minutes depending on the what topics and updates are needed to be covered during the appointment. Dr. Goldenberg evaluates the patient’s progress in several specific areas. For example. if they are having any side effects from treatment, improvement in their symptoms and also their progress in achieving their goals. Patients have the opportunity to ask questions and have all concerns addressed during the follow-up appointment.

Can We Do Skype or Phone Sessions?

Dr. Goldenberg has a policy that phone and telepsychiatry sessions are generally for emergency situations only. Dr. Goldenberg has found that his patients are most comfortable and better able to have all of their questions and concerns addressed when they are face to face in the office. Additionally, Dr. Goldenberg believes that psychiatrists and addiction specialists can better evaluate and manage your care when you are able to be in the same room as your doctor. There are times when telehealth can improve access in remote and under-served areas, however, in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, there is no shortage of in-person care. Additionally, Dr. Goldenberg’s medical license and applicable laws, only allow him to see patients who are located in California. Therefore, he is unable to see patients who reside out of state.


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