Other Professionals


Other Professionals


Despite being highly successful in all other areas of their lives many professionals suffer from depression, mood swings, anxiety or other mental health problems. In many cases, their highly stressful and busy lifestyles lead to problematic or out of control drugs and alcohol use.

Some professionals also work in safety sensitive roles as their clients depend on them to function at an optimal level.

Dr. Goldenberg has experience treating professionals at every stage of career.

Some of the important services Dr. Goldenberg provides specific to professionals include:

  • Free confidential and anonymous phone consultation to discuss how Dr. Goldenberg can help.
  • Comprehensive evaluations:
    • Initial Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Evaluations
    • Follow-up Fitness For Duty Evaluations
  • Outpatient Treatment
    • Psychiatry
    • Addiction Management
    • Therapy
  • PHS provides consultations at the Professionals Treatment Program at The Center for Professional Recovery which specializes in the treatment of professionals including lawyers and judges:
    • Inpatient detox
    • Residential
    • IOP/PHP
  • Monitoring
    • Diagnostic and Recovery Monitoring
    • Drug testing
    • Referral to specialized monitoring groups for professionals
  • Recommendations and referrals to recovery supports for healthcare providers:
    • 12-step groups (AA/NA/CODA etc.)
    • 12-step alternatives (SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery etc.)
    • Support groups
  • Referrals to top licensure/employment attorneys (if needed)
    • Licensing Issues​
    • Disability Claims
    • Criminal and Civil Assistance
  • Direct communication and liaison with:
    • Licensing boards
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Employers and HR
    • and Other Stakeholders.

If you would like more information about becoming a patient of Dr. Goldenberg, please contact us.

Book a free confidential, anonymous and no-obligation 10 minute phone consultation with Dr. Goldenberg at a time that is most convenient for you.