Dr. Goldenberg provides individualized psychiatric and addiction evaluations for healthcare providers and pilots. Dr. Goldenberg is a HIMS trained psychiatrist providing psychiatric, HIMS, SSRI and ADHD evaluations for the FAA. Each evaluation is designed to answer a question or series of questions and includes a fitness for duty evaluation.

The questions may be vague, "what is causing the decrease is work performance or memory problems?" Or the questions may be specific, "what is my mental health diagnosis" or "do I have an addiction?" Accordingly, the intensity and length of each evaluation is customized to able to accurately answer the specific questions of each individual case.


Dr. Goldenberg provides psychiatry and addiction treatment and is experienced working with professionals in safety sensitive roles (i.e. healthcare providers and pilots) and is a HIMS trained psychiatrist for the FAA. Dr. Goldenberg also provides addiction psychiatry consultations at nationally recognized addiction treatment programs at all levels of care: intensive outpatient (IOP), partial-hospitalization (PHP) and residential. Dr. Goldenberg utilizes evidence-based treat modalities which are designed to address both primary psychiatric disorders and primary addictions, as well as co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.

After discussing the questions and the goals of the evaluation we develop a custom evaluation that may include any or all of the following:

  • Clinical interviews by one or more members of the evaluation team
  • Collateral Information Collection(Medical Records, Speaking with Treatment Providers, Family, Colleagues, Friends etc)
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Comprehensive Drug testing (urine, blood, hair/nail)
  • Complete Physical Exam
  • Psychological Testing
  • Neuro-cognitive Testing
  • Polygraph ​

At the completion of an evaluation a summary and comprehensive report are prepared and copies are provided. These include all applicable DSM 5 diagnoses and evidenced-based treatment recommendations.

Some examples of specific evaluations that we have completed (and the questions answered):

  • Psychiatric/Psychological Assessment
    • New onset mental health or substance use disorder or diagnosis clarification
  • Addiction Assessment
    • ​Is a behavior or other problems explained by an addiction and, if so, where can I get help?
  • Gambling Assessments
    • Is a gambling disorder present and, if so, where can he/she get help?
  • Sex and Love Addiction
    • Evaluation of sex and love related addiction and recommendations for help.
  • Pain Assessment
    • What are the causes and treatment options for chronic pain?
  • Fitness For Duty Evaluations
    • Is the professional able to safely continue working or return to work?
  • HIMS Psychiatric Evaluations for the FAA
  • Mental Health and Fitness for Duty Evaluations for Healthcare Providers
  • Customized Evaluations
    • We can customize an evaluation for any specific need by bringing in local experts.

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