Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Addictions


General Addiction Topics:
1)What My Experience Working With Veterans can Teach us about Trauma, PTSD and Addiction
2) The Most Dangerous Drugs in the U.S.
3) Do Alcohol and Drugs Make You More Creative?

4) Alcohol Kills!
5) Do you drink too much?

6) How does Marijuana Affect the Body?
7) Should you smoke marijuana?
8) Should You Smoke Marijuana? Part II

9) Psychedelic Treatment of Addiction: Coming to a Clinic near You?

10) The Opioid Epidemic
11) Psychiatric Times Heroin Article

Smoking/Smoking Cessation 
12) Smoking and Smoking Cessation
13) What You Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes 
14) Smoking Cessation 

Matthew Goldenberg, D.O. Matthew Goldenberg D.O. is double Board Certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry and is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). He is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of mental health disorders and is an addiction specialist for adults in his private practice in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Goldenberg also provides addiction psychiatry consultations to some of the nation’s top residential and outpatient treatment programs in the Los Angeles area and is experienced in the evaluation and treatment of professionals working in safety-sensitive positions. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Goldenberg is an active author, researcher and invited speaker at local and national conferences. He also volunteers his time as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA and is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

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