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How an Addiction Psychiatrist Supports Professionals’ Mental Health and Wellness

How an Addiction Psychiatrist Supports Professionals’ Mental Health and Wellness

You may have had a DUI, a failed workplace drug test, a suspicion of impairment, a complaint or allegation made, or you might have voluntarily sought treatment and are trying to return to work or want to be able to continue to work. When working in healthcare and other safety-sensitive roles, you may be required to undergo a fitness for duty assessment, which seeks to determine whether or not your physical, mental, and cognitive health are stable, and that you are able to return to work safely (or continue to work safely). 

Dr. Matthew Goldenberg is a mental health and substance abuse expert and is board-certified in both general and addiction psychiatry. He has extensive experience evaluating and treating physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and other healthcare providers who work in safety-sensitive positions. 

In addition to providing evaluations and treatment, Dr. Goldenberg supports the healthcare provider’s safety and fitness by communicating and facilitating with stakeholders such as hospital wellbeing committees, licensing boards, employee assistance programs, and physician health programs. Dr. Goldenberg has the experience and knowledge needed to assist with a smooth and safe return to work.

What types of services are available for healthcare professionals?

Dr. Goldenberg works with healthcare providers and other safety-sensitive workers, from all over the U.S. and Canada. While safety sensitive-workers have much in common, each case is unique. 

He can assist from the beginning, when a healthcare provider is exploring if they need assistance with their mental health and/or an addiction issue and what assistance they might benefit from. Dr. Goldenberg can help with recommendations and referrals to treatment programs, monitoring programs, and all other levels of care. 

Dr. Goldenberg can help directly with mental health and addiction treatment. 

He can also serve further down the line to help healthcare providers maintain the stability, recovery, and progress they have made and to help them be evaluated to return to work safely. 

The types of services Dr. Goldenberg can offer a healthcare provider, or safety-sensitive worker, include: 

Comprehensive evaluations

To be able to return to work safely as a healthcare provider, you will need to be assessed for fitness for duty. Depending on your need or circumstance, Dr. Goldenberg offers both comprehensive diagnostic evaluations (addiction, psychiatry, neuropsychological) and more focused addiction psychiatry evaluations (mental health and/or substance use disorder).

Dr. Goldenberg is also experienced in performing “mental” and “physical” evaluations for the Medical Board of California (MBC) and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California (OMBC). He is approved and on the approved list for those seeking these specific types of evaluations. 

Outpatient treatment

If you’re a healthcare provider who’s trying to navigate your mental health and/or addiction, Dr. Goldenberg provides confidential and individualized care to help you manage these health issues with safe, effective, and non habit-forming medications and referrals to other forms of treatment including individual/group therapy, monitoring groups etc. 

Dr. Goldenberg is a specialist in psychiatric medication management, addiction relapse prevention, and also provides supportive and educational therapy along with facilitated recovery in his outpatient psychiatry practice.


To maintain safety and achieve your health goals, Dr. Goldenberg offers individualized referrals to addiction treatment programs and higher levels of care. He is an expert evaluator of safety-sensitive workers and uses the ASAM Criteria for safety-sensitive workers to recommend the appropriate and most optimal level of care. 

Dr. Goldenberg is able to help you determine which mental health and addiction treatment specialists and/or intensive outpatient and residential treatment programs that specialize in the treatment of healthcare providers, would best help you meet your short, medium, and long-term goals. 

Programs include all levels of care, including inpatient detox, residential programs, or intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Dr. Goldenberg can help you receive the care you need the first time, which can help you get your life back on track. His knowledge and experience will provide you with the clinical recommendations that you need to have the best chance of maintaining both your career and your health. 

Monitoring and aftercare

Evidence-based studies show that to maintain recovery and sobriety, healthcare providers benefit greatly from monitoring and aftercare following the completion of their treatment. Dr. Goldenberg has extensive experience helping healthcare providers to engage in monitored recovery. 

Monitoring and aftercare typically consist of random drug testing and recovery groups for professionals, but every case is individualized to the needs of both the healthcare provider and their workplace/stakeholders. 

Recovery facilitation

Dr. Goldenberg has helped hundreds of professionals find their recovery community, including physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and other safety-sensitive employees. The following support groups are just some examples of the options available:

Top referrals for healthcare and employment attorneys

It is not uncommon for legal and administrative issues to impact healthcare and other safety-sensitive workers when they are suffering from mental health conditions and/or substance abuse. 

Dr. Goldenberg works closely with administrative, civil, and criminal attorneys who work with healthcare, employment, and administrative cases.

If needed, the following areas of concern can be addressed with the help of an experienced attorney:

Dr. Goldenberg can provide referrals to experienced healthcare and administrative attorneys who need that form of support and assistance. 

Additionally, Dr. Goldenberg is experienced in providing both comprehensive evaluations and expert opinions for the legal issues that a healthcare provider is facing. He is available to discuss the case directly with an attorney who is seeking expert opinion and/or an evaluation of their client. 

Help with direct communication and liaison with stakeholders

One of the most important things required for safely returning, or continuing, to work in a safety-sensitive role is proper documentation and clear communication. Dr. Goldenberg has experience communicating with various stakeholders who are essential to your continued career and livelihood. 

Doing it on your own can be difficult, so Dr. Goldenberg can help you navigate various issues with the following:

Dr. Goldenberg can also help you with communicating with any other stakeholders or partners in your particular practice.

Taking that next step

Dr. Goldenberg offers a free, confidential, and anonymous phone consultation to discuss becoming a new patient. This is to allow a safe way for a healthcare provider who might be worried about reaching out for help to take the first step in seeking the care that they need.

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