Get Psychiatric Help Right from Your Own Home

When the world was forced to shut down two years ago, health care providers rose to the challenge and adjusted the way they delivered their services. While telemedicine was certainly in existence before the global pandemic, the practice increased 38 times over pre-COVID levels.

In his private practice, Dr. Matthew Goldenberg has long been an advocate of telepsychiatry, and he’s well versed in delivering top-quality mental health care and addiction treatment remotely.

To give you an idea about why telepsychiatry can be so effective, read on for some of the key benefits.

How telepsychiatry works

The only difference between traditional office-based psychiatry and telepsychiatry is that telepsychiatry delivers top-quality mental health care remotely, using technology that you already have on your desktop, laptop, or on your phone and in the palm of your hand. 

Through secure and reliable video conferencing, Dr. Goldenberg is able to meet face-to-face to discuss your needs and issues. From initial evaluations to ongoing therapy and medication management, you can accomplish your treatment goals using telemedicine.

For your part, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet place in your home or office. Dr. Goldenberg uses HIPAA-secure video conferencing software, and all you need to do is click on a link he provides you. There is a virtual waiting room, so you can sign on at your convenience, and like in a traditional office, you are welcomed into the virtual office space at the time of your scheduled appointment. 

The many benefits of telepsychiatry

There are myriad benefits to using telemedicine for your mental health care, including:

Saving time and avoiding hassle

If you’re pressed for time, as we all seem to be these days, you can eliminate the drive time required to meet in person. While the drive time alone can be time-consuming, there are also no traffic or parking hassles to deal with, which can leave you frazzled on the best of days. 

For those living in the Los Angeles area, even a two-mile drive in the wrong direction at the wrong time of day can be a 30 to 60-minute drive. Many of Dr. Goldenberg’s patients are finding telepsychiatry to be a strong fit, even if they previously came to the office from nearby. 

Many patients from all over California and the State of Alaska (Dr. Goldenberg has a medical license in both states) are now able to access his expertise and support from miles away. 

Through telepsychiatry, Dr. Goldenberg can tend to your mental health needs in a far less stressful atmosphere and with a far less stressful commute.

More comfortable for you

Another benefit is that you may be more relaxed in your home and can better focus solely on your needs. Dr. Goldenberg is able to meet with you in your environment and in your space, instead of the traditional office, where some patients may feel less comfortable. 

Dr. Goldenberg finds that for some patients, he is better able to understand their complex psychological and social attributes by seeing them in their environment, where they spend their time. 

Better accessibility

There may be circumstances in which you’re unable to leave your home, making telepsychiatry the perfect solution. In the past, accessibility issues could have been a barrier to seeking mental health and/or substance abuse treatment. However, today telemedicine allows Dr. Goldenberg to ensure that all of your needs are met no matter how limited your mobility or transportation difficulties are.

Whether you’re hesitant to venture out for health reasons or you have childcare issues, you can still receive high-quality psychiatric care and/or addiction treatment from the comfort of your own home, office, or other personal space.

Quality care from afar

All too often, you’re forced to seek professional medical health care based on location, which means you may not be receiving the quality care you need.

Dr. Goldenberg is licensed in the states of California and Alaska, which means he can oversee your mental health no matter where you’re located in these large states.

Is Telepsychiatry right for you? 

Like any technology and as with any treatment option, telepsychiatry is not for everyone. Some patients, cases, and circumstances would benefit from an in-person or higher level of care than telepsychiatry can offer. Dr. Goldenberg offers a free phone consultation to determine if telepsychiatry could be a safe and effective modality to help you reach your goals.

If you’d like to explore for yourself why telemedicine is quickly becoming the optimal way to receive quality mental health care and if it is right for you, please contact our office in Santa Monica, California, to set up a free 10-minute phone consultation with Dr. Goldenberg. You can call or request an appointment online today.

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